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SF HR Summer 18

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A few pics I snapped during tonights training. 

A section on the Killhouse range


Some daft Rupert going the wrong way down the range. New pants please!


The sections go through Fast Roping practice


And rappelling. 


Before getting down to some old fashioned breaching exercises. Stand by....Stand by.....


Go Go Go!




Being on the receiving end. 




A few seconds later. 


Ril's aim is good. Thank the Gods!


Suave and Debonaire Platoon Commander. 


A great nights training tonight lads. Glad to see lots of effort going in. It really does make a difference to what we can achieve. Well done. 

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*As the Littlebird slowly drift away to a nearby building* 

"Sorry guys, my flight stick is failing*

Goosen, 2018



Really good session, good fun !

And remember, don't dive off the roofs

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22 minutes ago, Pte Bortolussi said:

And remember, don't dive off the roofs

Sssssh. It's the last thing they'll expect. 

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9 minutes ago, Pte Ben said:

I had a brilliant photo of a Blackhawk giving us a flyby on the truck. Sadly I forgot to save it.

That’s a shame. We did say hi, but think the noise was a bit too much :P

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Personal favourite was the door opening and a voice shouting "Stun grenade" and a lightstick flying in the room.  A cunning distraction, I was laughing too much to do anything.

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