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SUBJECT: Operation Iron Uniform 1 101900ZOCT07



16AA has been rotated from their station on Altis and replaced with US Marine Corp units after the fragile situation with the Altis government. We will now assist with Operation Resolute Support. We will be deployed to an existing base - previously constructed and operated by the US - now renamed Camp Fulmar. We will be training and assisting local ANA forces in their battle to deny the Taliban movement and operational freedom.



Limited high ground with dirt roads connecting compounds, gives way to fields with trees and shallow ditches lining the boundaries. Roads are limited in the low lands and connect mud walled compounds.





Strength: J2 assessed as Coy Strength Remaining in our AO. 
Morale: Assessed as reasonable
Small arms: Generally AK type small arms up to 14.5mm of Russian manufacture but with some older western FN type armaments being displayed. 
Hvy Weapons: RPG7 or variants and 82mm mortars are likely.
Vehicles: Civilian vehicles or technicals on the roads
Aircraft: Not likely
Air Threat: Small Arms and RPGs
Mine Threat: LOW in general but assume HIGH IED threat in areas of interest. 

Reports from ANA troops state that the village of Tal Kar is their current HQ with the villages of Kamar and Anbar Tappeh being of importance to them. They are known to be in control of police HQ in Kar Shek.



We have friendly forces in the form of 2 platoons of ANA troops, these troops are considered LOW in quality. 2nd and 3rd platoon of the 16AA will be on 24 hour standby at Camp Fulmar. We have air support available.



Train and assist the ANA in combatting the Taliban in Kunduz Province; denying the enemy movement and operational freedom. Educate the ANA on prevention of civilian casualties and blue-on-blue situations. Where appropriate we will also assist the ANA in retaking the police HQ at Kar Shek.



We are tasked with securing a compound near to a local ANA base in order to set up FOB SKUA. We will then make contact with the local ANA commander and assist them in retrieving the bodies from a recent IED attack and return them to the ANA.


After initial brief A Coy will be taking 3 vehicles and driving through TAL GOZAR heading EAST and crossing the ford into TAPPEH KA. OOM will be 1/1, 1/3, 4/1. Make sure you're maintaining a good spacing but safety catches on and lots of smiles for the locals. They've just had the USMC through here so let's try and apply a little British charm and get ourselves started on a good footing.

The local ANA base will be just up the road from our FOB and they have set up a series of compounds to the WEST to give themselves a defensive line facing N which is where the majority of the hostile activity has been coming from. This means that while we will be required to provide our own security we are not directly on the front line. Once we have taken stock of our new home from home myself, 1/3 and 4/1 will push N to the ANA base to meet our local liaison and see where we can assist. While we are doing that 1/1 you are to put out a fireteam strength patrol in TAPPEH KA to get a feel for the local area and what the local CIVPOP are like.

Once we have input from local liaison we will reassess our priority tasking.



Card ALPHA. People live and work in this AO and we are not here to disrupt that. I expect sighting reports to be coming to me before anyone starts engaging targets unless there is a clear and immediate threat to life.



i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE
ii. Equipment: As per SOP
iii. Weapons: As per SOP
iv. Ammo: As per SOP
v. Meds/CMT: As per SOP
vi. POW & Detainees: Report to 10A

i. Command: Lt MacDonald (10A),  Sgt Dahl (10B), Cpl Sullivan (1/1C).
ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn Net Channel 1, Coy net Channel 3, Log Net Channel 4, Fires Net Channel 5, Flight net Channel 7.
iii. Challenge/Response: SIERRA NOVEMBER / OSCAR WHISKY




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OPORD updated with situation, ground and general overview. Feel free to peruse, everyone.

Wait out for in detail mission plan from Coy/Plt Cmd.

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Posting AAR here too, as support elements cannot see platoon mess.

3 hours ago, Lt MacDonald said:


Elements of 1 Plt with 4/1 in Support pushed from Camp FULMAR to what is to be our new FOB in TAPPEH KA. En route we encountered the wreck of a vehicle but we had no way of ascertaining how long it had been there so did a quick sweep with the vallons and pushed on.

Our new FOB has some issues: it has no vehicle access, no defenses outside of the wall enclosing the compound and is also the village Mosque. Am unsure whether the intent is for the locals to still have access to the Mosque. Hopefully whoever leased the compound can fill us in on that detail. A full list of proposed changes needed to make it into a suitable defensive position have been drafted up for the Engineers. We also found some abandoned weaponry there, 3 x AK-47's, 1 x SVD.

Once we'd done what we could at the FOB we pushed N to meet our local ANA liaison. They have a small compound with weak defenses but appear to be highly mobile, 3 x HUMVEES and a further 2 technicals available for them. Upon arrival was informed that local forces had suffered an IED strike on a patrol in GR 008 011 and that contact had been lost. With no other Greenfor available to respond we were asked to intervene.

We agreed and pushed S using the proven route past Camp FULMAR to approach the location from an advantageous position. We observed the scene from a distance and under the watchful eyes of UGLY callsign we pushed a fireteam in to sweep the road for further IED's and look for survivors. During that move we came under sporadic sniper fire from approximate GR 009 018. We also had a small enemy group of no more than 5 approach the compound of ALKA in GR 009 012 and attempt to engage us but between fire from UGLY and our own Victors we were able to destroy those contacts. Rescue efforts continued during that exchange, and a further 2 IED's were detonated (appeared to be command det from an observer) but caused no casualties, and we were able to extract 3 Greenfor survivors who were quickly returned to Camp FULMAR for treatment. As we were still taking sporadic sniper fire and remaining Greenfor casualties were called P4 we RTB'd to Camp FULMAR with the intention of going out with a stronger force to securely cordon the area and recover the remaining casualties.


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