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Pte MacDonald

Call to Arms Tournament: 5th December 20:00 GMT

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Alright folks,

Time for another stab at an RTS tournament. Call to Arms was the popular choice (And it's free to play so anyone can get in on it). It is a platoon sized RTS so good practise for fire and manouevre for anyone who fancies section/platoon IC roles in the 16AA. The plan is to do this on a Wednesday evening between 20:00 and 23:00 GMT in November.

Get your names posted up below if you want in on it. Open to all.


5th December 20:00 GMT

Game Mode: Domination 100pt VP limit

Any Coalition or Resistance forces can be used

3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss.


Map Bridge

MacDonald vs Fairlie

Lee vs Sullivan

McPherson vs Colthurst

Cvijanovic vs Bowler


Map Cold industry

Bowler vs MacDonald

Cvijanovic vs Colthurst

Lee vs Mcpherson

Fairlie vs Sullivan


Map Construction Yard

Bowler vs Colthurst

Cvijanovic vs Lee

Fairlie vs McPherson

MacDonald vs Sullivan


Map Creek

Mcpherson vs Sullivan

Cvijanovic vs Fairlie

MacDonald vs Colthurst

Lee vs Bowler


Map Highway

Colthurst vs Lee

Cvijanovic vs Sullivan

Bowler vs Fairlie

MacDonald vs Mcpherson (There can be only one Mac)


Radar Base

Sullivan vs Bowler

Fairlie vs Colthurst

Lee vs MacDonald

Mcpherson vs Cvijanovic



Bowler vs Mcpherson

MacDonald vs Cvijanovic

Colthurst vs Sullivan

Lee vs Fairlie


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1 hour ago, Lt MacDonald said:

There were 8 of you ticked wanting to play this in the Barracks. I am quite happy to beat up McPherson and Cvijanovic all night if need be. 😉

Sounds like a rare old laugh 

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Alright, updated with maps and all entrants. Going to say no more entrants for this one but if you're keen to play post up and I'll put you on a reserve list.

Btw CTA is in the current sale if you want of the extra bits.


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