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SUBJECT: Operation Iron Uniform V 042000ZNOV18




It has been a week since the joint operation to retake Chahar Dara which resulted in 14 ANA wounded and 10 ANA casualties, 6 from enemy fire and 4 from a blue on blue incident. The 16AA suffered 3 KIA and a downed Apache attack helicopter.


The enemy is believed to have suffered heavily in the attack with an estimated 50+ KIA plus a large amount of weapons, resources and vehicles. A number of ammo and supply cache were also found in Chahar Dara along with 6 mines all of which have been removed by engineers. There is also a high possibility that the unknown sniper who has been harrying us has been heavily wounded.


Since the liberation of Chahar Dara, the ANA have retaken the police station at Kar Shek and life has mostly returned to normal within our area of control. The ANA have repositioned a number of their outposts along with two new MSR checkpoint to the north of Chahar Dara. The ANP have also begun patrols around Chahar Dara along with the surrounding areas to the south and east.


The strategic situation of the area is fragile but stable. We have gained a large foothold with the liberation of Chahar Dara and Kar Shek, as such we can now dictate the time and location of engagements. From our current positions our next targets are Andi, the enemy stronghold of Kamar and the possible enemy HQ in Tal Kar. SIGINIT and HUMINT suggest that Tal Kar has been abandoned and the majority of fighters have left Kamar to the area surrounding Anbar Tappeh. With limited air support and all 3 platoons of the company spread across a 4 mile frontline, our options are limited.


With limited numbers, weapons and resources it is unknown what the enemy’s next move will be. It is highly likely that they are awaiting resupply and reinforcements from neighbouring Districts and/or Provinces.


Limited high ground with dirt roads connecting compounds, gives way to fields with trees and shallow ditches lining the boundaries. Roads are limited in the low lands and connect mud walled compounds.



DARK BLUE areas are controlled by the 16AA.

GREEN areas mark the places controlled by the ANA and their FLOT.

LIGHT BLUE marks out the location of the potential new FOB.

ORANGE marks the location of the humanitarian organisation with whom we will work to distribute supplies.

YELLOW areas are ANA vehicle checkpoints. Some of these are manned.

RED areas are those in which the enemy is suspected to still operate.


Believed to be a understrength company of infantry with small arms and RPGs. MEDIUM possibility of technicals. HIGH possibility of IEDs. MEDIUM possibility of snipers. NO air assets. MEDIUM possibility anti-air units. Reports from ANA troops state that the village of Tal Kar contains the current EN HQ with the villages of Kamar and Anbar Tappeh being of importance to them.


We have friendly forces in the form of an understrength company of ANA troops. These troops are considered LOW in quality. 2 and 3 platoon will be on 24 hour standby at Camp Fulmar. We have air support available.


Train and assist the ANA in combatting the Taliban in Kunduz Province, deny the enemy movement and operational freedom. Educate ANA on prevention of civilian casualties and blue on blue situations.


With our replacement apache still in transport and the enemy’s lack of resources and fighters forcing them into heavier use of guerrilla warfare, BN HQ is unwilling to leave any part of our frontlines without ANA and 16AA units. As such we will be meeting with village elders within Chahar Dara, contacting a possible CI to establish the identities of enemy commanders, assisting the ANA at an NGO organised food and water distribution.


Secondary objectives are to assist the ANA with manning two MSR checkpoints north of Chahar Dara and clear a compound just north of Chahar Dara as a locale for a new FOB to reduce our response times to situations within the area.


2 platoon along with ANA will continue to hold Kar Shek Ark while 3 platoon and ANA conduct and assault on Andi.


Any vehicles going north or coming from the north of Chahar Dara and to be searched and approached with caution, any suspicious activity is to be reported to command.


i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE.

ii. Equipment: SOP

iii. Weapons. SOP

iv. Meds/CMT: As per SOP.

v. POW & Detainees: Report to 10A.



i. Command: Capt Silbot (0A), Lt MacDonald (10A)

ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn net channel 1, Coy net channel 3, Log net channel 4, Fires net channel 5, Flight net channel 6.

iii. Challenge/Response: PAPA ALPHA / ROMEO ALPHA


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