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Op Falcon II


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I did say we should have the door shut *shrug*.


Little video (very highly compressed, soz) to show the volume of fire going both ways at the start of the op (this just before). So much that the AT-ST has got his wobble on!


Who got to notice my little Christmas friend?



1/3 clearing the first bunker junction:




So, jump packs in regular ops? I know I said no jet-packing inside, but I did enjoy a few people doing it in one of the large cavern corridors to get past one particularly nasty chokepoint (of many) - it worked well.

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A very few general shots of the base pre-stormtroopering (those of you who didn't attend might not want to look - I'd be happy to run it again as a side-op/off-night thing):

Shots of the base


Did anybody notice that there was a control room overlooking the hangar floor? That was the final objective room.

1/1's side:


A particularly cunty room/door breach:


Scrap/storage room:



Overall tonight we killed around 150 rebels, and had 160 stormtrooper casualties. RIP in pieces all.

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