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LCpl Tasner

British Soldiers in Croatia

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This international media didn't cover everything. From local media, couple of fights, destroyed monument, attempt to kidnap a child (maybe just wanted to play with the kid, father managed to fight him away), hitting/touching girls in the bar....

but honestly, any drunk fool will do that (except the kid part, I hope). I still don't talk about my bachelor party few weeks back, thank god we were in an isolated cabin far away from civilisation.


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highly  doubt British troops would kidnap kids. That may happen in other armies but not ours. Besides it could be worse they could be committing war crimes there  

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He was drunk going towards the kid, probably wanted to play, my logic states he was missing his kid at home or something, media has to make big news out of it. He didn't even reach the kid and the father drove him away. Another article today popped out, stating that some army PR fella from UK apologized about the whole deal.
At least we got an apology, usually from other tourists we get jack shit in these situations.
Additional, it was a part of international training called "swift response", and the unit involved in the training was 3rd battalion, parachute regiment.

Comparing this to our own millitary, I think wild party is nothing:
Our pilots used helicopters to hunt wild boars, rambo style. multiple occasions.
During some training boolshit, one of the MRAPs turned over on the roof, few soldiers had serious injuries, and officials tried to sweep this under the rug (actually managed to do it, story surfaced few years later).
We failed to buy some israeli aircraft, although our defense minister was so proud of that project, even tho it actually failed and he burned shit ton of money.
During basic infantry training, a tank drove over one of the recruits (fatal accident).

So yea, if you ask me, I'd rather have them go on a drunk rampage, leave a couple of unpaid bar bills, touch some boobs along the way, than do any of these things.

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