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Cpl McPherson


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FROM:Silbot, LT, 1PLT

SUBJECT: Operation Sirius VII 201900ZJUL19



After finding four 9P129s (Scarabs) and fourteen additional missiles on-site J2 believes that the enemy has two more somewhere on the island with an unknown t number of additional missiles. The only missles that have been found are the 9M79-1-F (HE-FRAG) which have a lethality range of 200-300m but can be deadly out to 500m from the impact zone. J2 has analysed the picture that 1/1 took have found that the enemy is trying to set up a HQ in 139,167 which was an old military base but has been upgraded in last few weeks, they also found out that it looks like the enemy are going to be putting most their grippens in the air to try and regain air suppoirty, the enemy will most likely target our airfield at Molos although we have been able to install 2x phalanx system with the CRAM software the reason for the aggression is due to the USS Gerald R. Ford and escorts had to move 15km to the east to ensure the safety from the 9P129’s in case of a possible strike on the fleet itself.



Area is covered is rolling hills that gives way to fields with trees and shallow ditches lining the boundaries. Roads are developed in some areas where others are dirt roads that connect town to town.




Strength: J2 assessed at least a Coy Strength in our AO with a tank platoon in reserve. 

Morale: Assessed as low with some possibly willing to surrender 

Small arms: Nato weaponry from 5.56 mm up to .50 cal 

Hvy Weapons: M3 Carl Gustav up to 155 mm artillery

Vehicles: American transport trucks with HMMWVs with reports of Leopard 2 SGs now with reports of platoon worth of T-80s

Aircraft: J2 assessed there to be a total of 14 Grippens, five of which have been shot down

Air Threat: Small arms, MANPADs, and possible hidden SAM sites

Mine Threat: High amount of anti-tank mines have been seen placed in the AO with a possibility of AP mines near or in key locations at the airfield.



B and C coy are attached to the RTR (Royal Tank Regiment) and are advancing south against the defending enemy. A Coy will assist the US army 69th armour regiment with a two-pronged push to the airfield. The 69th assault platoon will advance from their staging area in Paros and assault west through the enemy defences allowing their infantry to clean up behind them.



Air Assualt the enemy forward HQ in order to cause disarray in the enemy command structure, then to assault the airfield, take and hold the terminal building.



Phase one
All elements of A/1 will board up in two rotary wing airframes and INFIL at HLS MUFASA. From there 1/1 and 1/3 will assault the enemy forward HQ with support from 4/1.

It's imperative that this assault is swift and precise, denying the enemy any effort in their defence and making sure valueable intel can be secured before they attempt to destroy it.

Phase two
Having secured the enemy forward HQ, all A/1 elements will EXFIL via HLS SCAR, avoiding any contact with an enemy QRF and allowing for reorg.

Concurrent, 69th AR will assault through enemy lines and destroy any anti air systems in vicinity of the airfield, opening up the air space for an air assault.

Phase Three
All elements of A/1 will board up again and INFIL via HLS SIMBA for a deliberate assault on the terminal building at the airfield. 1/1 and 1/3 will lead the assault while 4/1 provide support by fire.

J2 suspect the main enemy HQ is located in the terminal building, expect heavy resistance. The J2 assessment states enemy commanders hold tablets with vital information, secure these and pass on information vital for coalition forces.

Phase four
Having secured the terminal building all of A/1 will support 69th AR continued assault until the entire airfield has been secured. 4/1 own the top floor of the terminal building.

Phase five
When the airfield is secure our mission is complete and we will exfil through HLS RAFIKI.






i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE

ii. Equipment: As per SOP

iii. Weapons: As per SOP

iv. Ammo: As per SOP

v. Meds/CMT: As per SOP

vi. POW & Detainees: Report to 10B



i. Command: Lt Silbot (10A),  Sgt Blanthorn (10B), Cpl Scarle (41C).

ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Plt Net Channel 1, Coy net Channel 3, Flight net Channel 7.

iii. Challenge/Response: CHARLIE UNIFORM / CHARLIE KILO



Edited by Lt Silbot

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