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TO: 1Pl, A COY, 2 PARA BN.








  • TIME: 0700L
  • WEATHER: Clear with clouds and potential rain.
  • MAP DATA: Map Data Here
  • 0A: Lt Silbot
  • 0B: Sgt Blanthorn
  • 1/1 - IC: Cpl Ainsley, 2IC: A/Lcpl James
  • 1/3 - IC: Cpl McPherson, 2IC: LCpl Verrick
  • 4/1 - IC: Cpl Scarle, 2IC: LCpl Cullen




After deploying into central Takhar it is clear there is a strong insurgency forming in the surrounding villages to where we are based. After multiple contacts and IED's located and destroyed we are sure to have a tough two months ahead. We must ensure we are active in the area and conduct fierce and rapid combat missions in order to deflate and eradicate the enemy from the local populace. The ANP have given us a warm welcome and have spoken to some local elders in order to arrange a SHURA in the coming weeks to gather intelligence to be passed onto the US forces deploying late October who will assist us for the last 4 weeks before taking over combat operations from the UK at the end of November.

The insurgency has reignited their efforts in the north and have conducted over 28 attacks in the last 3 weeks. The ANP has lost 21 officers while the ANA have lost 13 Soldiers. The local population is weary of us returning to the region as they anticipate a rise in attacks and fighting in the area due to our presence. We are to reassure communities we are their to assist their local police and armed forces in retaking the area, we are to engage with the public whilst out on disruption patrols.



  • In General: Takhar is mostly a dry/arid area, mountainous in the central areas of the province. The area has some areas of farming land and has some larger more populated towns along with many villages on the outskirts with little population easy for the Taliban to extort and claim a foothold where the ANP hold less presence. The road network is basic but it improving with the newly elected government promising a public transport network and tarmac roads leading to every village in the area by 2022.
  • In Detail: We are deployed to the central region of Takhar which will see each section settle into their respective Patrol Bases. We are located close to a large populated town Feruz Abad, in order to assist the ANP with their fortified Police Station in the centre of the town. There is a PB located on the hill to the south overlooking the town PB DRIFFIELD (operated by 1/1) and one to the east located near the villages of Timurkalay and Anar PB DARWEN (operated by 1/3). 2Plt are located at FOB EXETER With 1 Flight and 16 CSMR. US Forces are due to join 2Plt mid October ready to take over from UK forces at the end of November 2019.


  • Known & Suspected En. Positions: There are multiple confirmed supply locations in the north or the region. None known in the initial area of operations. We have had initial contacts on our deployment to the region from the surrounding hills and mountains.
  • Strength: Unknown however have populated northern villages in the region. Assessed as potentially 2 Plts strength across the region.
  • Morale: High due to recent successful attacks.
  • Weaponry: AK and Soviet Era weaponry in use. Due to recent attacks on ANA & ANP a small amount of advanced weaponry has been gained. There is reports of Soviet Era static emplacements. Caliber up to 12.7mm and RPG/STRELA Missiles.
  • IDF: 82mm Mortars.
  • Vehicles: 3x ANP HUMVEE, Mainly Civilian vehicles adapted with Soviet Era Weaponry.
  • Aircraft: None known.
  • Air Threat: High Soviet STRELA missiles have been obtained in unknown quantities. JHC to Risk assess.
  • Mine/IED Threat: High - General AO, HIGH - Areas of interest.


  • To continue insurgency and take control of key areas in Takhar Province.


  • Remainder of A Coy.
  • JHC & CSMR elements based at FOB EXETER.
  • 4/1 FSG out of PB DARWEN rapid deployment capability.

v. ROE



To patrol and enter the town of Falar, to search the village and question any local civilians on whereabouts of Taliban fighters.

All units should be aware of the ANP conducting operations in the town of Bastam to the north of Falar. This may result in contact due to the ANP presence in the area.




This operation will be conducted in four (4) phases;

i. Phase 1

1/1 To take up manned positions in PB DRIFFIELD and await the arrival of 1/3 and 4/1.

1/3 and 4/1 are to load up in vehicles and convoy following the PINK route from PB DARWEN to PB DRIFFIELD for phase 2.

Load Plan: Vic 1 & Vic 2 - 1/3 | Vic 3 & Vic 4 - 4/1

Convoy OOM: V1, V2, V3, V4

Actions on contact: All Vics to push through contact to next RV point. To be risk assessed whether troops will dismount at next RV and conduct combat fighting tactics to destroy enemy forces.

Actions on Contact IED: Perform 5 & 25 checks. Await QBOs.

Actions on IED Sighting: Perform 5 & 25 checks. Inform 4/1 for EOD Advice. Mark & Avoid. Call into Tac.

1 Flight is to fuel and arm UGLY 5-1 ready for combat deployment, they should also perform checks on all other aircraft to ensure flight ready due the the heat and arid location. 1 FLIGHT should also be on standby for immediate CASEVAC to FOB EXETER




ii. Phase 2

Once 1/3 and 4/1 arrive at PB DRIFFIELD, HQ are to give a brief to IC's regarding the search of the town.

All sections are then to load into respective vehicles and be ready to convoy to the town of Falar, to the north of Feruz Abad. The convoy should follow the route ORANGE through Feruz Abad to the town of Falar.

Once convoy passes route BLUE, 4/1 are to break off and follow route BLUE to the high point overlooking Falar to provide cover for the sections in the town conducting searches and patrols. The rest of the convoy should continue on route ORANGE to Falar.

Load Plan: Vic 1 & Vic 2 - 1/3 | Vic 3 & Vic 4 - 4/1 | Vic 5 - 1/1 | Vic 6 - HQ & FAC |

Convoy OOM: V1, V2, V6, V5 || V3, V4

Actions on contact: All Victors to push through contact to next RV point. To be risk assessed whether troops will dismount at next RV and conduct combat fighting tactics to destroy enemy forces.

Actions on Contact IED: Perform 5 & 25 checks. Await QBOs.

Actions on IED Sighting: Perform 5 & 25 checks. Inform 4/1 for EOD Advice. Mark & Avoid. Call into Tac.




iii. Phase 3

Sections are to conduct a search and patrol through the town of Falar at HQ's direction to speak with locals and find out if there are any Taliban fighters in the town or staying locally. They are to gather intelligence to pass up the chain of command and arrest anyone suspicious and hand them over to the ANP on return through Feruz Abad.


iv. Phase 4

Once the operation in the town of Falar is complete, sections should mount up in Victors and return along the proven route ORANGE to return to PB DRIFFIELD. 4/1 are to abandon the high point once the convoy leaves the town of FALAR, they are then to wait at the end of route BLUE and rejoin the convoy once it passes them.

Once all sections are back in PB DRIFFIELD 1/3 and 4/1 are to convoy the same route PINK as phase 1 back to PB DARWEN and set up on their manned positions.



  • IC Briefing: 221950ZSEP19
  • 1/3 & 4/1 Departure: 0710L Promptly
  • Convoy Departure from DRIFFIELD: 0735L



  • Time: 07200L
  • Location: HQ Tent in PB DRIFFIELD.



  • Dress: CEFO, MTP & PPE.
  • Equipment: As per SOP at 2IC discretion. C-IED gear to be taken from the off.
  • Weapons: As per SOP at 2IC discretion.
  • Ammo: As per SOP at 2IC discretion. Reserve will be available at PBs.
  • Meds: CTM and CSMR.
  • POWs / Detainees: Called into 0B, then to be passed over to local enforcement/authorities.



i. Command: Lt Silbot (10A),  Sgt Blanthorn (10B), Cpl Scarle (41C).

ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Plt Net Channel 1, Coy net Channel 3, Flight net Channel 7.

iii. Challenge/Response: ALPHA CHARLIE / BRAVO DELTA



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