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A/LCpl Smith

Welcome Instructions

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Hello and welcome to the 16AA forums. Thank you for considering making an application to join the 16 Air Assault Brigade. By now you will have read the general information provided on the front page of our website and you will no doubt have watched some of our many YouTube videos, displaying what we as a gaming community are all about.


  1. Download discord 
  2. Join discord through the link https://discord.gg/EuxJaRs


  1. First Install the client on to your machine.
  2. Open up your newly installed client, do all the set-up bits and pieces. Press the "Connections" menu top left, then press "Connect".
  3. Use the following details to connect:

Server: ts.16aa.net
Nickname: Your surname
Password: Leave it blank
Press connect, and you're in.

Timings for ops

We have operations at 1900 Zulu time.

Zulu Time 1900=
Hawaii Time (HT) - GMT-10: 0900
Alaska Standard Time (AKST) -GMT-8: 1100
Pacific Standard Time (PST) -GMT-7: 1200
Mountain Standard Time (MST) -GMT-6: 1300
Central Standard Time (CST) -GMT-5: 1400
Eastern Standard Time (EST) -GMT-4: 1500
Atlantic Time Zone -GMT-3: 1600
GMT-1: 1800
Zulu Time: 1900
British Summer Time (BST)+1: 2000
Middle European time(MET) -GMT+2 2100
Eastern European Time(EET) -GMT+2 2100
Further-eastern European Time (FEET)GMT+3 2200
Moscow Time GMT+4 2300

Questions and answers

We do, however, from time to time, have people asking us a few questions that are not immediately clear or listed on the front page. This post will serve as a brief knowledge base, dealing with the most frequently asked questions and (hopefully) providing the sought-after answers.

Q. What times do you play during the week/weekend?

A. We play exclusively on Sundays at 1900 Zulu (GMT+1) and 2000 Zulu during the Winter (GMT).

Q. Can I still join if I can't make these days or times?

A. Unfortunately, no. We require all potential candidates to commit to attending on this day, at the time shown above. We realise this may seem like a big commitment, but our hope is that those candidates who do choose to apply will be eager enough that they will want to attend on Sundays, at a minimum

Q. I don't own Arm3 or its expansion Arma3 Apex, can I still play with 16AA?

A. The 16 Air Assault Brigade uses Arma 3 exclusively. Please note that before you apply to join the 16AA, you must have purchased the base Arma 3 game.

Q. Which versions of TeamSpeak 3 and ACRE do you run?

A. The versions change more often than this thread, but the compatible versions are supplied through our Arma3Sync FTP.

Q. How do you work to achieve a MilSim atmosphere within the game?

A. The 16 Air Assault Brigade prides itself on its accurate and realistic training methods employed in conjunction with a well-disciplined and professional atmosphere that is observed at all times during operations. As a community, we work together to ensure that our gaming experience is as close as we can get to the real thing, by adhering to strict communications procedures; utilizing a fully realized Ranking System, based on the British Army; providing detailed and well thought out campaigns and missions, built in-house; employing higher command to oversee section movement and taskings and methodically plan and execute operation orders. In addition, we host regular training sessions that focus on all manners of drills and tactics that enable us, as a community, to accomplish our objectives... and have fun whilst doing it.

Q. What sort of assets do you use within Arma 3?

A. As the 16AA is based on real airborne infantry brigade, we predominantly use helicopters to get from A to B. A full list of our air assets can be found on the 16AA Wiki. The sort of equipment we use in-game depends on the mission or campaign that we are playing; however, the 16AA predominantly uses British equipment. For land travel, we use a variety of transport vehicles. The 16AA at present do not employ dedicated crew roles for the use of Armoured Fighting Vehicles such as the FV510 Warrior.

Q. I've been with other communities before and played mostly as a Sniper or within a 'Recon' capacity. Does the 16AA have a need for this sort of role?

A. The 16 Air Assault Brigade as a community tries to focus on infantry section cohesion and the necessary tactics and drills that accompany that role. Our mission styles are mainly cantered around Quick Reaction Force style gameplay with rapid airmobile assaults, or peacekeeping patrols and COIN (Counter Insurgency) Operations. Specialist roles such as Marksmen, GPMG Gunners, and Heavy Anti-Tank Gunners are used as and when needed, and predominantly carried out by members of A Coy Fire Support Group.

Q. Can I join even if I'm with another Arma Community?

A. Unfortunately, No. The 16 Air Assault Brigade requires a high level of dedication from its members, paying strict attention to Sunday operations at the prescribed times. Not only this, but we want our members to be committed to the community in all aspects. It is this principle that sets the 16AA apart from other ArmA3 Communities and is the reason we are able to continue operating, as we have since 2004.

Support roles in the 16AA

Q. I wish to join a support arm. How can I go about this?

A. no applications to join a supporting arm will be considered until you have spent a minimum of 1 month on the ground as part of an infantry section. Your first action upon deciding that you would like to join a supporting arm is to speak to your I/C and the I/C of the supporting arm in question. Depending on staffing levels and your own ability you may or may not be accepted, or you may be placed on a waiting list.

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