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Operation Lynx I

Cpl Coxson

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just some pics before I got to carried away with spamming LMB at Ruskies






Left; LCpl Verreck steels himself for a risky op, little did he know that it would take his life . . . twice . . . 
Right; Pte Strnd loved having a big, firm rod of a gpmg barrel between his legs. A tool, well endowed for swatting away the Russians.

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Also, lets get more of you screenshotting! Anyone can do it, if you aren't in a middle of a panic-like contact then do think about taking a quick snap. If your section is covering arcs, and your gunner is an ally looking fucker in a funky firing position, then get that man on camera so we can all appreciate their good looks.

Better if you can set a hotkey to turn off ST-HUD and stuff, which I think is possible or something.

I screenshot ingame, then go to the screenshot folder for A3 via C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\819716\760\remote\107410\screenshots, upload all my images to IMGUR, cpy the image address and then use the insert image from URL just above the submit reply button.

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Should've snapped some screenshots of those all terrain vehicles... I was expecting some sort of resupply truck at RP61, and this was quite a nice surprise for myself and Scott.
Driving them is freaking awesome. They go through the terrain like hot knife through snow.

Except for trees.

Don't hit trees.

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