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LCpl Tasner

16 CSMR Recruitment

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TO: A Coy + attachments
FROM: Tasner, LCpl, MOIC
SUBJECT: 16CSMR Recruitment
DTG: 221650JUL20


16 CSMR is recruiting one person to join us.


- Signals


- NAVEX (Sort of optional requirement)

- Rank of Pte


You will be expected to:
- effectively perform every part of the medical chain
- communicate with the rest of CSMR in the field
- use your CTM training to handle all the casualties

We offer:
- eternal gratitude


Candidates are to send a forum message to me, including their IC, RRO IC and platoon IC in the message.

Prior to sending a transfer request, feel free to discuss this with me via messages or Discord.


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