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*Read this if Application form is not working* - Application template (Temporary)

Pte Liberts

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Due to unearthed problems on the website maintenance, the original Application form is at the moment unavailable.

Therefore as a temporary measure will be provided with application template which will need to be posted in the New Applications subforum.


Applicant name:

Country & Nationality:

Gaming experience:

Previous group/-s:

Are you currently serving / previously served in the Military? (Be aware, the information you provide will be checked to deter persons who make false claims about their military service.):

Reason for applying:

How did you discover us:


I own Arma 3 & Apex DLC: [ ]

I own a working microphone: [ ]

I am at least 18 years old: [ ]

I am able to attend Sunday operations on 8pm London time or 19:00 UTC in the summer-time and 20:00 UTC in the winter-time that last for 3 hours and maintain 70%+ attendance rate: [ ]

I understand the 16AA's rule that dual clanning is permitted, as long as it does not interfere with your personal attendance of the 16AA Operation & Training Missions: [ ]

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