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Saturday Evening 15OCT2011 - A jeep and desert


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The video is cheating a bit, it happened fast but a thought process went through my head before acting


The reason I passed Cage was due to a building blowing up and a Jeep driving around on the street.

I at the time was under the impression that there was a 50.cal on the jeep so the explosion could of been whatever?


Nevertheless I didn't want to sit around like a bunch of ducks, like we did, in case we where taking fire from mortars or another thing was blowing up.

Or simply if more contacts was going to drop by, I was therefore going to take the initiative to clear the inner compound and take cover in there.

I was at the time confident that the saw gunner at the rear had more then enough fire power in order to deal with the jeep that just passed.


I got killed due to friendly fire as I passed 4-6 people shooting over the heads of the squad I was in.


What I find weird though, I was saying out loud "Gonna pass you cage" then "Passing" before I ran, it's not in the video though, dunno if its down to ACRE issues or whatever but I was at the time worried Cage was gonna TK me if I ran infront that being the reason I said "Gonna pass you cage" he stopped firing, I passed. As seen in the video :P I then died horribly to the other guys fucking me up.


I screwed up I'll admit, but we probably shouldn't of went onto that compound like we did.


If anything it was just a play test, and we had lost Taylor due to internet issues so.


Btw Cage.

I can see in the video that I in fact was not dead, however, I had the typical ArmA2 message, with red text saying I was dead, and if I wanted to respawn at somethingsomething, I pressed that twice both times being thrown back into my corpse.. Probably due to me not really being dead.


I then respawned by pressing ESC.

And went on to doing that awesome AT shot later on.. Good times.

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I think we learned from this that if we are with just 1 section, we should not focus entirely on breaching. Have 2 people covering the road, perhaps? Also, it was such a huge gap, that the other fire team should not have crossed imo. Of course this is all talking after.


I think I did hit you with one bullet, Knudsen. Oh and the respawn on this was a bit messed up. After it I went back to fix a lot of things I forgot about. This script is not for you to respawn right away. However it is possible, in case a pilot crashes and is on his own, or the entire section died, and no starlight around, etc.

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I'd remind everybody I got shot too but not immediately fatally. Allow me to confess why: Quite simply, I ran screaming (in my head anyway) through the gate into the compound and off the road into cover, and crossed friendly fire from somebody prone *because I tried to jump over his fire line*. And of course with this not being Counter Strike, no such jump was forthcoming from my spacebar and I got shot in the ass.


I believe the correct gaming term is EPIC FAIL. :-p

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