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Oryx 8 gallery


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For now. We were clearing the compound with that dog fight over head, so couldn't see an awefull lot of it. All my other footage is being edited right. But this is very quickly the plane going down from 3SEC point of view.

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At that point the Migs had Air Superiority meaning that they was in control of the airspace above (All Chopper Callsigns where either shot down or at Base until the treat was eliminated) which is not the best situation to be in when you guys on the ground. Lucky I was quick with the GR9 ;)

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Well here's my contribution. Expect videos later but not soon.


One of the flyboys at the end of the mission:



1 Section forming up for the start of the mission (not too happy with this one. What do you all think?):



Koto keeps an eye out for contacts while 1 Section advances to the objectives:



Private "Jumpy" Lipton listens to orders while 1 Section was assaulting the town:



As I say, videos not soon but coming and what do you think of the second picture?

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