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Oryx 8 full video


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it wouldn't save scene index on description like normal so here it is

0:0 - 10:34 insert

10:34 - 49:23 moving to objective

49:23 - 1:00:29 engaging contacts

1:00:29 - 1:06:19 moving to top of hill

1:06:36 enemy contact along wall

1:08:32 friendly helicopter getting shot down by jet and shot on the ground by jet

1:11:04 - 1:20:55 waiting for friendly jet getting into minor engagements

1:23:04 <---Dog fight ( or end of it at least) Very very cool to see

1:25:46 arrival of the enemy Hind

1:34:16 - 1:53:16 moving to town and clearing buildings

1:53:16 - 2:05:57 covering rear then moving up road

2:06:22 <-- Friendly gets shot by sniper and we light up tree line (very cool)

2:08:05 - 2:21:00 move up to radar dish clearing bunkers and buildings along the way

2:21:00 - 2:40:18 covering and then clearing flat ground below radar dish

2:42:24 - end Cool low hovering Apache and fly over from Chinook



as well as check out Oryx 8 gallery it has a very nice screenshot of the plane exploding

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