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Evans D

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A few screenies until the vids are put up:


1 Section prepares to be inserted:



1 Section provides covering fire and overwatch to sections 2 and 3 as they move off the airfield:



Private Kotowski secures an arc as the rest of 1 Section clear buildings:



After clearing a town, the ICs meet with the Sergeant and his team for their new orders:



The Molatian forces consolidate their advance and take a quick rest before moving out:



A Hind provides close air support as the Molatian forces press on their final advance:



The Molatian forces withdraw back to the extraction site once their objectives were met:


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The first of at least 2 videos (the second comming later, check back here for more AWESOME!):




Interesting Trivia:

The above video was orignialy going to be called "Hot Insertion", but I thought that connoted something slightly different to the actual video.

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