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Looks really good guys!

Just beware of the ropes once they are deployed. It seems that they are not quite long enough, or the pilot flies a little too high about 2:40 in the vid for a period of 10 seconds of time - which could lead to some bad injuries if the guys are deploying and must fall the last 5 feet of the rope. :-)


- So if the pilot hovers at 15 and the ropes are 15, the pilot should really decrease altitude to 13 i order to counter the problem?

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Baago, there's never anything wrong with pointing stuff out that could be wrong or could be done better. That's how we evolve and get better. So no need to apologise :).


Well, ok. Add the following to my post: [...] pointing stuff out that could be wrong or could be done better as long as you do it in an appropriate and constructive manner.


Wurly your hair sucks get a haircut!


Just like this! Taylor gave a well meant and gentle hint that my hair sucks. I had no idea but now I know and will arrange an appointment with my barber as soon as possible! The consequence of course being that I look totally hot, come to the UK and steal Taylor's girlfriend!

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