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LINSTOCK VI - Phase 2, Takistan Rotation


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I'm very glad it was a quieter night, action is all well and good but we need to have variation to keep things from getting boring.


The patrol snap ambush was a surprise but we just pushed straight through *What i believe was the best thing to do apologies for not using LRR properly*


But the actual patrolling, chatting, checking arcs, calling Baker a penis, We need this at times just to get some real variation and keep things as fun as they are.

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Very true Doyle, we had one tiny engagement and I didn't even use half of my ammo box for my MG. I know it is realism as not every patrol gets bumped.....but the main reason its not boring is because you have that fear that something may kick off, this doesn't happen in-game because you cant really die or be hurt. Everything aside though I bloody loved it.

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Wow I'm cutting this fine recently...


1 Section prepares to board their Merlin as it lands:



1 Platoon lands to get their Jackals:



1 Platoon moves in convoy to Patrol Base Element:



On the way to the PB, 1 Flight buzzes the convoy:



Videos soon...

...God I hope I get them finished soon...

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You're gonna have to wait a while for The Sergeant Speaks: Episode 6. It's proving hard to edit. We have 2 choices, either Hicks (if you're reading) wants to re-record his video of Hicks Hollers or you all wait until I come up with a convincing interference overlay for the video. Either case, give me a while :D



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