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Linstock X

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Can't sleep so have some pictures!


Grief aims into Karachinar with his MG:



A Griffon lands to pick up body bags and to resupply the platoon:



Kotowski watches Objective Dancer:



Deadman guides the two Chinooks onto the ground:



The Chinooks come in to land:



Soldiers of 1 Platoon board the Chinooks:



The two Chinooks fly in formation together on their approach to PB Element:



Patrol Base Element from the air:



And from another angle:



A Chinook lands at the patrol base:



And finally, a picture that I think sums up the ominous feeling of the AO and everyone's paranoia of more contacts.


Fear the Woods:



Videos soon!

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Might be. I just disabled subtitles in my game options. Does the trick as well. Also lower the radio volume in audio options, as you might still get the audio of it reporting.


That does indeed the same thing but is a more complicated way. The ace clippi works really well on disabling both AI subtitles and AI voice (check the first box "No Voice").

But I think disabling subtitles in the ArmA options also removes all of the other lines automatically "spoken" by teammates like "enemy down" or "target that house" or stuff like that.

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