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Platoon Training - 252000ZJAN12


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Ahhhhh what a lovely jump, what pretty things in the sky:




But oh noes! Shit has been shot out of us - fear not, gravely injured mates, we'll get you home!:




Let's make up for it with an arty shot of the survivors, exploiting natural light.



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Hey, I didn't say anything about the quality of the pics! They're pretty good shots, to tell the truth. Especially the paradrop one. Reminds me of WWII for some reason...






1 Section waits for the Chinooks of 1 Flight to extract them back to the airfield after the platoons first jump:



The Chinooks arrive, flying in formation:



A Chinook lands for the platoon to board:



Back at the airfield, the platoon takes off in their Hercules transporters to parajump into enemy territory:



The Hercs turning onto final:



The Hercs fly in formation, ready to drop their "meat bombs":



1 Platoon commences the paradrop:



1 Platoon still gliding:



Still gliding:



A member of 1 Section keeps a watchful eye on the bunker complex discovered by the platoon:



With the platoon withdrawing, Chinooks arrive to extract the platoon:



Vidjas soon!

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I don't know. I saw Ellis run from Taylor for a long, long time and I thought "Well, jeez, how far away is that?" So I ran for a while, and when the choppers came down they started walking backwards for the Chinook and immediately lost contact with me. I was like that for three minutes, and eventually turned back and saw the helicopters. Needless to say, Taylor wasn't terribly happy.

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