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Operation Chalice - Acclimatisation and Training

Evans D

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Getting into the spirit of things from now gents and psyching myself up for a good series of missions!


With that in mind, OBUA wasn't the only thing I was honing. What with being your best and brightest photographer and camera man in the platoon (I frakking wish) I was also practicing getting those award winning shots that you wuv oh so much:


Jako and Benjamin learning OBUA movement:



1 Section prepares to practice fastroping:



The pilots of 1 Flight meet up to bad mouth the ground-pounders:



Kawalsky waits for the rest of Delta to stack up behind him before clearing a marketplace:



Possibly a few videos soon and a Sergeant Speaks episode is on its way!



FRAK! Some of the footage got corrupted and didn't convert. Looks like no Sergeant Speaks...

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