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Operation Coldharbour ]I[


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Nice pictures guys! Now it's my turn!


Connors takes aim as the sun rises:



1 Section creates a firing line as they provide over watch and security:



Members of 1 Section check for enemies:



Kotowski walks heroicly towards the camera after his fainting fit:



A Chinook of 1 Flight comes into view through the trees:



The Chinooks come in to land and extract the platoon and their attachments:



And a nice final shot that I really like. This place would be a great if it wasn't for the frakking insurgents...



Videos soon to come! I have decent footage this time!


And again, I'll extend the offer, if anyone wants to be a "replacement" sergeant in case Emmet can't record a Sergeant Speaks then please let me know! :)

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Part 3 is up and processing... It'll be done in around 30 mins!

Spoiler Alert ;)

Trying to protect his fallen section commander the heroic Pte Briggs dies in hail of bullets ... which means there probably isn't going to be a part 4? :(

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