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Operation Coldharbour IX

Evans D

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Videos soon:



As 1 Platoon and their attachments move to the start line, Kotowski of 1 Section provides overwatch towards an enemy trench system.



As 1 Platoon prepares to move towards an enemy bunker, members of 1 Section's Delta fire team cover Charlie as they move up.


And finally a picture that I attempted to make somewhat presentable (Note the crappy manual lens flare!):



Videos soon!

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I take the regular FRAPS pictures and I stick 'em into Macromedia Fireworks and then apply a subtle burn effect to them which both makes things darker and ups contrast. I then sometimes apply a dodge effect to the sky which makes things brighter. Yeah, dodge makes things brighter... I don't get it either.


Still, not a frakking patch on Apos' stuff though! I want to use photoshop competently!

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