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Gryphon VIII


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Surprised no one has started this one yet. Was everyone so busy fighting (or in my case, dying) they couldn't take screenshots or capture videos?


Anyway, here's mine:


1 Platoon rolling out just as 1Flight delivers the requested radios



Debrief, a.k.a. "Where did you all come from?" (Emmet)


The usual. Full resolution on imgur.com.

No videos this time. I only got Kiesiecki's driving and Hill's Griffin reinsertion. You want to see neither. :P


Now show me yours.

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No one's interested because I wasn't there, mate! :P


Anyway, in the last few seconds of the op when I was told you'd be coming home I did get these pictures!


1 Platoon drives back to base after the op:



A Griffon of 1 Flight buzzes the base:



Emmet addresses his platoon as the Griffon flies away:


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Did 3Sec actually have a desert Jackal or am I not the only one getting that bug where the Jackal is in the desert scheme for the gunner in 1st person?



I'm pretty sure everyone gets that Bug with the desert cam from the Gunners position. Obviously when in a WoodLand Cam Jackal.

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