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Here I come with some awesome shots of tonight:



All hail our glorious Section IC, Jako! :D



The scenery of Capraia



FSG getting some WP ready



1 Section ready to breach the castle



Said castle, north-eastern side



Johnsen against the sky



Kiesiecki inspecting some downed enemies



Johnsen again, this time against a light house



Cage taking a casual stroll about the place



Emmet and Deaders contemplating about ENDEX



1 Platoon consolidating for...



...ENDEX! (bonus score if you can tell me which of those guys is Taylor :P)


More screenshots and full resolution images on imgur.com, as usual.


Footage of the castle assault and partially other assaults to be reviewed, edited, and uploaded.

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And a few more shots, damn picture limit of 15! (Although, in my count, the previous post had 12 pictures in it.)



That 5000m view distance setting doesn't seem to have worked... ;)



I'm flexible, too!


And Ellis, just to let you know: You win the staring contest.


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Sapper Taylor is the one with the wirecutters contemplating circumcision... mwahaha points....

Yes, indeed! Taylor is the friendly doctor with the "snip-snip"! You win *drumroll* nothing. Because that's not even close to enough points for a prize. :P

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Just finished editing the footage. Rendering is estimated to take half an hour, upload vastly longer. The footage I scratched together is just shy of 20 minutes and features the castle assault, 1 Sec and 2 Sec breaching the castle, the assault on the next town, and Emmet hiding in the bushes. Stay tuned!


Edit: "Uploading your video. 166 minutes remaining."

Forget it. I'll start the upload when I go to bed tonight.

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