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Home Rotation 08AUG2012


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Am I the only one thinking Apos should release a tutorial on this here screenshot making? haha :rolleyes:


I do not do such things, or share PSD files. Bad experience from past where "friend" of mine used to sell my project without my permission.


@Knudsen I don't do it for living. I worked as graphic designer, but company had to fire 50% of personnel due retarded government decisions and increased taxes.


ps. I noticed that I forgot to change display profile - derp - and images might be too dark on your screen.

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I actually had to stop and tell Willis to get out of the car because of that. On the Autobahn. (Well, actually I had to stop to wait for the convoy, but shh, no one must know!)

And actually, those are no Landies. They're HandOver Offenders. We dubbed ours "Sex Offender", as that was the obvious choice.

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OI YOU ARE DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD! Thought we were british! Haha, nice vid Balkau, sucks that you didn't record the flyby!

We're driving on the right side, we're in Germany, after all!

And yes, a shame. I still hate myself for not recording us going all "Sweet Jesus!", "Whoa, Oks!", etc. ;)



Also, here's proof for my "HandOver Offender" statement:


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