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16AA Dutchy's gone airsofting!


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Yes, as most of you were aware Cage, Deadman and myself went airsofting today for the first time.


It was an awesome but slighty painfull (more pics from deadman later) expierance.


Story's and more pics to follow!



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All the more reason to finally get that damn RK95 airsoft model and generally wipe the dust and cobwebs off of my old kit.


Airsofting became boring after doing training with BFA's, but the time for some new airsoft experiences might just be at hand. Hmm!

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In day's of old (way back when) there used to be regular 16AA meetups for airsofting and, more importantly we always felt, drinking. [in fact, there was one very very memorable trip to Austria airsofting] :)


On the subject of airsofting/meetups, if one is organised then I'd love to come along... I can dust off the kit.

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Cool you guys play airsoft as well.

Ive been a avid milsimmer for 4 years now.

I run with a russian impression, maybe we should swing by sometime and fight you NATO dogs ;)

This is some pictures from a recent milsim, Operation Panthers Charge.


My first rebel captive, great succes high five!



Guard duty



Supply convoy



Contact - me first aiding a wounded comrade



Captured journalist trespassing on military area - later accused for espionage and "interviewed".


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Well, there are 6mm paintballs, but they tend to blow up in the barrel more often than not.

Other than that, it's a game of honesty. If you feel you got hit (or, more than that, hear it), you raise your hand and call it. If the shooter is certain he hit you, but you say you aren't hit, the shooter gets precedence, as you might not have felt and heard it, but he has been following his BBs with his eyes and can tell with certainty.

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