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Home Rotation 12AUG2012


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Ugly 5-1 is passing overhead...



...And earns a lot of attention



Scarle next to mortar 1, manned by Odell and Ortiz



A Merlin passing




What happens when FSG gets bored and want to communicate with 1 Flight.


Full resolution images on imgur.com.




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Do you guys see strobes at all during daylight? We would have had one of those in our HandOver Sex Offender. :D


We see the strobes through thermals, I think. Would have to test that to be sure though.


EDIT: Holy shit Apos, that second one looks awesome.

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Better?? BETTER??


I hope so!


Here is preview screen of part 2.




Sgt Cage and Pte Taylor as GPMG support team, providing suppressive fire to 1st Platoon.


Thanks for comments again.


@Wilson work at BIS? Don't think so they are looking for that kind of guy.

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Damn, I've been a graphics designer for 3 - 4 years now, including photography and these still stun me. Gaming photography is great when you can get the effects right, it can be overdone quite severely, but you have it pretty much perfected. Great work man.

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