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Operation Paramo III


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Our mortar pit. 2 60mms and an 81mm. And a while bunch of rounds.



Slight difference in size



Liberts all equipped and ready for a public match



Liberts and a pile of mortar shells...



...and the same pile one fire mission later



Busy sky



"HI" 2.0. Marking our turf.


High resolution as always on imgur.com.

No footage tonight.

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Is this what ye were doing when we were trying to get mortars called down on enemy that were pinning us? :P

Nah, when that happened we were in a Ridgeback, hurrying back to the FOB to get that fire mission calculated and sent, and just as I had the gun dialed in and was fetching a few rounds, Scarle told me it got called off.


Bloody lovely! Good to see there's more exploding and more sign-making when I'm not around. Keep up the good work!

We even had 1Flight drop off 2 body bags, you'd have had a GREAT time! :P

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Apos - lovely


Balkau - Some good shots here. I've no problem with 'mucking about' photos, but some of them might be better off in the 'random cool pics' thread perhaps? Ideally these Op by Op galleries should showcase our Ops in a way which draws in new recruits - no problem with a sense of humour now and again but I'd like us to keep our professional edge in the public areas of the site please.


Same goes for some of the comments - can we please keep the 'lolage' to a minimum here (and in other public areas) and concentrate on the lovely screenshots?

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The first one from your last post looks not that good imo. The background is a bit wierd.


Maybe. That was quick one. I believe I wanted to make texture sharp and didn't add DOF effect to a backgroud.


I like the last one from your post before that, with the entirety of 1/3? sitting along a wall.


IIRC that is Delta of 1/3 and other section (1/2?).

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Some very nice pics Apos, however you might want to lay off the saturation and sharpness filter just a tad. No offense intended.


No offense taken. I'm actually glad to hear some criticism :).


I use some different style in next Op gallery.

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