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Creating the best screenshots


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Thought I'd start a thread so the other ones don't get overflowed with discussions on how to follow the mighty Aposky in making screenshots.


So I'd just start off with saying I have a problem with trees, they seem to look wierd with my settings. Looks like there's a lot of holes inside the foliage and it doesn't look very good. I see all of you get quite nice shots of even with trees.


I'll show you what I'm using as settings and what it looks like.




And my non edited screenie looks like this




I'm not the best with PS, but if you all that know about it could give some small advice on what to focus on, which options or changes might be ideal.


Say contrast for example, the one option everyone is talking about!


I'd love some tips and tricks to get some nice PS done with my screenies, even thought I often don't get many. I'd still want to learn! :)

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Change your video memory to default. You should get better performance and less LOD artifacts. Very high limits your GPU memory to 512 IIRC.

Visibility, you don't need 10000 tbh. 3 km is enough. Bump up your view distance on the 16AA server instead.


Trees - experiment with ATOC, PPAA and PP effects. One of PPAA adds small blur to a trees which might help you.


Regarding "good" screenshots. Not all look that good. I usually take about 80-100 shots and pick only few and post them on forums.

Regarding Photoshop... It's easy to learn basics, and it takes years to master it. I'd recomment to watch all kinds of tutorials. First of all you need to learn all tools so you know which one to use and when.


ps. you might try to experiment with Brightness and Gamma settings, but remember: one setting that might look good on Cherno, might not work on other maps.

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You should have your Options View Distance at around 3k for realisitc LOD buisness and best frame rates, lower if FPS is needed. THEN you control your actual MP view distance using the insert button all the way upto 10k if needed as that will effect how far you see.


The LODS will be the same with your options view distance being 3k or 10k, however your fps will be far FAR greater if its lower.

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