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Operation Paramo IX

Evans D

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1 Section discussing their FISH training:



Wright looks down the road as an Apache flies overhead:



1 Section sets up a firing line in the final exercise:



Delta mounts up:



A Company moves back for their debrief:




And finally...



1 Flight does something... interesting, with an Apache while I desync:


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Here we go:



A rather unsettling Willis loading me with an 81mm ILLUM round



Recipe for madness: 81mm ILLUM round + Javelin = ? (Video to follow)



Ugly 5-1 passing overhead




1 Flight lifting some weights


High resolution on imgur.com.

Videos of our little madness attempt and the Coy level assault to follow.

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It was definitely not Willis' noggin sticking over my tube that knocked him out. Which leaves me even more confused.


ArmA ghosts did it.


Great vid, great screens. Shame I had to miss it, you might've had screens of jets blasting by overhead :).

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Well, seeing as the ILLUM round was an airborne target, taking down a HIND should be entirely within the possible range of things we can do with that Javelin.

We haven't gotten 1Flight to donate an aircraft and a pilot to test that yet, though. :P


And you're not going to get us to help you test that :).


That said, why would you need to shoot down an enemy aircraft with a javelin? 1 Flight can do it much easier. :P

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Skip some of the firing if you want to see the action close up not great footage but you see me crash the jackal. Lmao.




Fixed the link and Compound Breach 16:46 HLS Clearance and Car accidents 21:35 Also Bradley's Crap flying :P

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I really like that screenshot Ege. Particularly the C-130 to the right looks natural, as does the grass (for once).


I think we should start using own screenshots in promotions and assigments, Addonsync update news instead of current ones. Ege's screen is great representation of Addonsync update for example.

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