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ACoy Training 24/10/2012


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I tend not to bother running fraps, but I took these the other day to show off my 'hacked in' ambient occlusion:


"2-1 admires the destructive power of mortar fire"




"Vehicles look nice with ambient occlusion"


http://i.imgur.com/hyPDS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ISrKj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/WgLaj.jpg (URLs given only to reduce length of post!)


"Checking for a pulse"





Does anyone know how to get around the nasty artefacts that Imgur has created?


On another note, I'll sell my soul to anyone who can figure out how to get "Sparse Grid Super-sampling Anti-aliasing" working in ArmA II. I'm just using the stock "Very High" and "FXAA Low - Sharp Filter" at the moment and I miss the beautifully rendered textures which SGSSAA provides.

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When I say mine - I lied. I was just playing around with my graphics drivers. It's just nvidia inspector. You need an nvidia graphics card.

NVIDIA inspector is like a more advanced NVIDIA control panel, and it gets quite complicated. You need to run the program and click the screwdriver and spanner on the middle-right to access the settings. Then click the dropdown menu at the top (it will say _GLOBAL_DRIVER_PROFILE and scroll down to ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead. Look for "Common" in the settings and then set 'Ambient Occlusion setting' to 'High Quality' (the others look horrid) and 'Ambient Occlusion usage' to 'Enabled'. Then click "Apply Changes" at the top right and close the program. You only need to do this once, provided you don't then change your settings in the normal NVIDIA control panel.


Obviously you'll need a pretty powerful card.

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