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Clearing HLS's Howard Style.


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This method of clearing a HLS for a CCP/AID Station is still being fine tuned (WIP), It will only be used where necessary i.e in dense woodland. The Idea is to cut down CASEVAC times on Larger Maps. For example if the enemy are 10km from the Base (Hospital) and lets say Pte Bloggs is T1'd and needs to be taken to Hospital for Revival. Most likely a Chopper (Griffin or Phoenix) will be called in to CASEVAC him, If the Heli is at Base it will need to fly 10km to get him and then take him 10km back a 20km round trip which obviously would take time, Longer if another Air Unit has to RTB to swap into the CASEVAC bird. (Not beyond the realms of possibility as Im sure the 1Flight Lads will attest to!).


So after a discussion between intially Corporal Scarle and myself, then soon after Pte Howard, the Idea of an Aid Station was brought up as a possibility in Future Ops. The Aid Station would not be on the Front lines as you'd should all appreciate. In the Case of a 10km distance from base. We could set up an Aid Station 5km away thus hopefully cutting the CASEVAC/Reinsert time significantly maybe at times even halving it!. On Some of the Maps there will be suitable locations to set up an Aid Station. But there may be a time where a forest would be the best location, this is where the lumberjacking by satchel comes in to play, but with not as many Satchels. (If im not mitaken about 15 Satchels were used on that vid which is to say the least excessive). With the Expert Guidance of Cpl Scarle we did another clearence with only 8 or 9 Satchels, additionally we were on the Celle map and the woodland is dense there, On other maps its not so dense so it's likely we'll use less Satchels again! This method of setting up an Aid Station will be pre determined where possible. I also believe if this method is used Cpl Scarle would like it to come under the remit of A/FSG.


I'm hoping to put another Video together of setting up a deep forest Aid Station! I will need volunteers for that :).



Besides using this method for Aid Stations, could it be used for setting up for a FRIES insertion?. (Maybe done a Recce Team which I believe has been suggested?)



Any Thoughts

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