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The other passion! Drums


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Like paice, I also love drums so I thought to try cheer him up a bit here some pics of my drumkit.

Paice, I hope you enjoy them my mate.

When things change for you, you're welcome to come to my home and bash them here in South Africa.


From behind




From the front




Close up


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Craig just noticed you use a Flexi Glide Cobra!! any good? never tried one, I've got a Pearl Demon Drive i only play single tho used to play double think ive got a gibraltar Intruder ii double somewhere. and obviously a cobra hat stand coz their the best :P

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I'm suitably inpressed gentlemen.


Love the Bubinga, very warm fat sound!

And then of course DW isn't too shabby either!


My "sound" is very specific. I enjoy the defined naturally EQ'ed sound of Birch.

Nice and warm but at the same time very controlled.


The reason why I like the flexi glide is responsiveness.

Also had a set Gibraltor's chain drive years ago but after moving to the Cobra's have never looked back.

Of course the Deomn Drives and Eliminator's are nice but I'm perfectly happy with mine.






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my other kit i use this just for messing round with, its a Pearl Export wrapped in Leopard print Fur lol yes it aint just a printed wrap its actually furry lol :D and the bass drum is 2 export 20" bass drums bolted together with fiberglass coated all up through the centre, PIMP! but i prefere the DW Bass Drum with its 22x18" kick and 22"x8" sub strapped to the front, sounds like a 105 howie :D:D:D

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