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Good shots there Birkett!


Part II:



M3A3 Stuart light tank of C Coy 342 Armd Recce Bde joined us on road to Hill 92



Two .30 cal crews deployed in key location performing overwatch



Members of 3rd Squad waiting for their movement



3rd Squad approaching Hill 92


Part III soon(ish)...

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edit Part III




Soldiers of 1st Platoon performing overwatch from captured Hill 92. First and second Tiger tank were spotted shortly after.




1st Platoon on fallback position after Tiger tank opened fire at Hill 92. Black smoke indicates 2nd Platoon firefights (IIRC).




3rd Sq on route to Neaville




Members of 3rd Squadron in captured 75mm Pak 40 prepared for counterattack in center of the town.




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These pictures could easily be in a history book. Bloody hell...


And yeah, I'm with Apos on this. Going old-school with barely any radios really just gave people on the squad-level so much more to do and keep an eye on. No constant barrage of crossed radio comms and no stuttering movement while we wait for additional orders. Just you and the lads, your orders, your weapons, off you go, GET THE JOB DONE!


Loved it.

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