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Home Rotation 16JAN2013


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Due to a desync-free night, I could finally play properly again. Here's my impressions:



1Flight finally showing their colours (worth noting: Marshall dancing the YMCA.)



FSG and their new toys



Scarle getting a pickup



Good job, Hill, good job! (1Flight: THIS is why you had to pick us up in the middle of nowhere.)



The binoculars section during the final exercise, this time comprised of TACP, FSG, and Cpl Scarle.


High resolutions as always on imgur.com.

Because I was the FOO for the Light guns (with wonderful vantage points on every target we fired at), expect some rather nice footage going up in the next 24 hours.

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Congratulations on getting to use the light guns, would love to see footage showing you guys using them tonight, using them is more exciting than watching the results in my opinion. How many pieces did you have?


Also you had an dysnc-free night (hehe "interrobang" leant that on QI)

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Where I was I recieved an good view at least upon the western slope iirc, the L118's along with 656's runs gave the impression that the enemy positions were well covered. And when we were assaulting around there the woods were quite ripped apart, I was given the impression on occasions that I'd spotted an enemy bunker or trench then to just realise that no thats just an tree thats been shredded!

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