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Operation Andromeda IV

Evans D

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Members of 2 / 1 set up a firing line in their section of the ARD:



Charlie fireteam sets up on a rock shortly before a contact:



Hope and Cage talk CAS:



A chinook of 1 Flight carries the MERT's ambulance to the AO:



Charlie fireteam stacks up as they prepare to clear a bunker and building:



Kawalsky looks stoicly over the landscape:



Rainy admires the view and covers his sector:



A friendly section takes up position in the ARD as the company waits for the merlins to land:



The merlins emerge through the smoke:



Everyone disembarks at FOB Branca:


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Love these shots Apos 1st class as always :D!


Yeah, you never cease to amaze me Aposky, excellent job mate!


Im Apofamous! yes Mert!


After a very long day, it is great feeeling to read those comments, where someone appreciates my work. Even at work I didn't get such thing. Thanks gents!

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I got you:

First picture, left to right: Morris checking out how hot we are (spoiler: "pretty damn hot"), myself, Ortiz (on the rock), Liberts (behind the rock), Hill, and Silbot, with Boothroyd hidden behind the rock IIRC,

the second picture is Liberts,

the third is Morris and Silbot,

the fifth is Boothroyd,

the sixth is myself again,

and the seventh is Morris and Silbot again.


Nice shots, mate!

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