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Operation Andromeda IX

Evans D

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Before both my computer and I died I managed to get these 4 shots! Pretty ossum, huh? :D


1 Section covers their segment of the ARD:



A machine gunner watches the hills:



1 Section advances to contact:



1 Flight's harrier streaks through the air:


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Apos lovin' it not too often we get you in a chopper to take pics..... Not that you being casevac'd is ever good but hey some nice ones of the Wildcat there :D


I take every opportunity to take nice shots of 1 FLT :).


Part II:







My personal fav.


Panoramas, click to open




That's interesting picture: 1PLT on left (1/1 left, 1/2 on point with 1PLT HQ, TACP, MERT and 1/3 following), 2PLT on right flank

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Brittain, load fraps and set the screenshot button/key to something you use ingame anyway and there you go automatic screenshots everytime you do that action, and just sort through and see whether you got any good oned after the operation. I used to do that although my graphics and screen resolution made them look crap in comparison to others and I wasn't gona edit them. I used to use my PPT key so whenever I said anything on TS bam screenshot taken.

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Indeed about the things you say... impressive levels...


Amazing how celebrity 1/3 becomes due to these videos, the singing, were going to die, guys wanna be us, girls wanna....

Also whah you cut out the contacts across the river near the enemy helo.


Also realised we freaking assaulted an mosque, aren't muslims rather touchy on that being done, mind you enemy shot at the mosque as well as shooting at me there.

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Unusually a few from me, better late than never:


Insert flight:




Hitting the Deck:




Rotary Departs:




Unfortunately the latter two are marred by my usual fu#king red chain, which, as Cpl Ellis knows to his cost, was especially bad for this Op, and forced me to disco in the end. I hope that the extract went as well as the initial insert!

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