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16AA Gallery and the ArmA3 Alpha.

Rec Knudsen

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Hello everyone.

With the ArmA3 alpha around the corner I just had to drop a quick announcement regarding how we want to handle media content from it.


As by the BiS FAQ;

Q: Can I take screenshots or make videos of the Arma 3 Alpha?

A:Yes, the same restrictions apply as to full games (and our previous games) with regards to copyrights. We encourage you to share with others how great Arma 3 looks. Steam has in-build functionality to do this. We would kindly ask of you to note that the media is from an Alpha version whenever you can, to avoid confusion.


We have decided to follow this request by demanding that all media is marked as Alpha footage.


How do you go about doing so?

Video will require an intro that clearly states the game is in alpha, and that it may not represent the final game product.

For your video editing pleasure, we are including a picture we recommend used as your intro, you are however welcome to make your own version.



Screenshots need to be posted in threads clearly marked [A3 Alpha]insert thread title here to make it obvious that people are viewing an Arma3 alpha thread.

As we're aware not everyone is capable of editing their screenshots as such you're not required to do so, simply make certain the thread is marked accordingly.

Turns out the game is watermarked during the alpha.



Credit for the picture above goes to LCpl Aposky.

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