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[A3 AlphA] Op whiteknight 14-3-2013


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if you can not see these screens you should buy a new monitor

@Cope, no but when I take screens with NVG's than they are ugly as fuck!


In-game image looks different than on screenshots due jpg compression and few other things mate. Almost all of those screens are really dark and I do not feel like putting my head in monitor to see anything. You can adjust brightness in almost any editor before you publish them. "Ugly" is better than dark screen.

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I hope you don't mind, Toonen, but I brightened them up a bit so everyone can see them :)


Fyi, they were full of compression artefacts :P




















I have just now realised how ironic the op codename was.

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Yeh, but imgur shouldn't be compressing your images to that extent. Are you editing them before you upload them?


Make sure you're taking your screenies as .bmps (or at least .pngs). You can them compress them in GIMP/Photoshop etc. to .jpgs. It's a lot easier than it sounds :)


I second that. Imgur makes most of screenshots darker then original and/or uses weird compression for big files. Instead of GIMP or Photoshop you can use lightweight freeware irfanview, which works well as image browser/viewer too.

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